Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Be a MAN !!

1 broke the Silence...wen wud U?

A thought given by a friend.

Was really nice of him to share this thought and it was really worth listening to.As alwaz he spoke less but was enuff to suffice wat he wanted to convey.

Looking forward to this thought.

Life Main Twist

1 broke the Silence...wen wud U?

Man proposes and God disposes.

The only thing that perfectly fits our life.Had heard someone say this long time back.I still remember the person.I was in school.But then I had not understood the true essence of it. Took me really long to understand it !!

Life has taken yet another turn.Never ever thought it would be so soon.With mixed emotions and nothing to react to I find myself standing in front of a long road without any idea where it goes.I am also not interested to take the road but I have to.And dats wat it says.
Like a small child wondering perplexed in d middle of the road in the hustle of life I remain.No idea where i m heading to and whom i m looking upto.Is thr anyone waiting for me the other side ? I dont want to go to the other side but life has been pushing me.

Pairon tale zameen nikal gayi aaj.Aankhon ke saamne aandhera cha gaya.Bas kuch aisa hua lekin aab toh main akela khada hun.Like a raderless boat.Regrouping myself and trying hard to get along life.The beginning of this year has been too bad.Too bad for life.

All things are shattered !!

Read this somewhere today :
life gives u answer in 3 ways.
it says YES and gives u wat u want....
it says NO n gives something better..
it says WAIT n gives u the best.

New Year Watch Out

0 broke the Silence...wen wud U?

The Prologue:
We had all started to welcome the new year and the excitement was in d air.Plans were made as if it were really the end of life.Good plans make good results.But nt alwaz though.Anyways the penultimate date to the year ie 30th went superb wid friends.A visit to the nearby zoo with the newly formed group was exciting n most importantly the bike ride.The best of everything was the ride from the main city towards the outskirts with less hustle bustle.But den nandankanan has alwaz been too populated.Snaps and snaps and snaps.they hv been my fascination.Leading myself to a state of mind which was sublime.But den u need to come back.And I did.slowly things were nt turning out to be good.something had started hurting me long back.I had never anticipated wat was in store.But i ignored it and went along to enjoy with my friends d whole day.A day never goes complete until there are few considering it one among dem i came back home cool wid new memories to store.

The Final Count Down:
Come 31st day n it all started at 5 o'clock in d morning and ended on 2nd of Jan.43 hours or more of sleepless time which I has become the best part of my life.Time I would cherish for ever.each moment had something to give.Har pal kuch kehta hai.Chicku's arrival and the chilling morning never shook our intentions to enjoy.Quite a hectic schedule and packed with plans as if for the whole year.Made me crazy but den all went good.Good hours to spend wid chicku n den it was evening.Time to join the party wid friends.things dat had been planned since days.Plan to rock the whole nite at a friend's (DK) terrace.Hats off to all of dem who arranged everything had it beautifully decorated with colorful lights and sound.Music system,sweet rocking melody and blinking tiny lights.Nothing more to ask for.All was set for the BIG night out.The best thing was the bonefire made at the center and the dangling fire taking all of 2006 into it.Heat could be felt and the smoke was enuff to make u black.Dancing to the rythme of the music around the fire made a lasting impression.The Morning shows the day.But it was the beginning of the night whcih showed how the whole night wud be.The whole world was awake for its own reason.But slowly bt steadily the time passed by n we were at the door step of 2007.And as it went off wishes were flying in d air and party had just den begun.Good wishes moved like angels and dey cud easily block the complete cellular network.(chupke se Vodka mix) Thumps Up had little effect on the excitement level.But to everyone's surprise it was vodka and all had had it by crackers were also arranged and dinner was too heavy.

Then started the real nite.Complete fundu thoughts and gossips.Guys talk r alwaz fundu.Beware !!

Plans got better to welcome the new year as it was decided by all to leave for Konark(The place wid Sun Temple which is considered to b the place where the first rays of Sun hit the coast of Orissa,nt far away,only 70kms from where we were placed) on bikes.4am and we were off on 4 bikes,8 people.Dark night n d whole of the world was sleeping under the new year cheers.8 roadies on the road.10 degree Celcius and we were riding at 100kmph n more.we were flying.literally was tuff enuff to hear my own voice.Chilling outside wid no protection to ears and hands.Just a jacket was my armour again cold.I was freezing bt the excitement kept me warm.It was getting morning too quick and we were short of our goal.we Had to move faster and we did.But finally we cud do IT.It was mission sunrise. The first sunrise at the sea shore and at Chandrabhaga(the sunrise point) was great to watch.

The sea was extra ordinarily calm and as it was also waiting for the sunrise and the ready to welcome the new year with open arms.Had been to this place many a times.But had never seen such a silent form of it.Calm to the top but turbulent underneath.It resembled me and i could relate myself wid d sea.I was still shivering terribly and all we friends waited with anxious eyes to see the first rays of the year.The year which promises so much for our future.It was finally wen sun showed it face and we were on the tip of our toes.The crowd too was excited.Fabulous experience and had never thought of such a big thing to occur so soon.FAr from home,far from family,far from myself i could see the world.The wide face of the sky and the sea.My fingers were still frozen and was tuff for me to gather them back into shape.I gazed at the sun and prayed for a better year ahead.Red Ball and red reflection !

Moments caught in d heart and stored for ever.

The First Light of the Year 2007

The new year day went fine with wishes beinge exchanged as if it wud be the best year ever.Being optimistic i met people around me and i was back home by 10am.Damn tired but the day ought to be celebrate with others too.Smiling faces all around as if all sorrows had taken a break and waited for some other day.

Few old school freinds meeting meant a lot.Would like to name them over here definitely.Chicku, Satyasagar, Deepak, Sangya, Ipsita and Deepti.Gem of a day.The whole day wid childhood friends meant the revival of school days.But by the time it was evening I had eyes dat were quite tired and were burning like fire in the heart.Finally got rest at midnight n by den it was 2nd of Jan.One whole day of the year had passed and I had had the the taste of its flavour.Friends alwaz cheer you up and they did it.I was yet to find the true me !
Relived my school days and had the best of times with my school friends.Could'nt have asked for more and it was made special by Satya and I really owe a lot to him now.A lot has been done and thanks to him for all dat he arranged for seven of us.Memorable and cherished moments dat wud finally go down into pages of history.History which would be then left for my future generation to let them know wat we had done.
Eyes were still burning wen i got back home in d night and slept with nothin left to be done.But den I missed every damn thing dat took place around me and dat which i experienced.

The Epilogue:

A tired mind and a tired body.Asking too much from myself.Last visit with chicku.
Finally all dat seemed to be going perfectly fine never really did.The New Year had come into life.No more of those fancy things occuring out there and my life took a drastic turn whcih i never thought in my wildest dreams.Small mistake and BIG punishment.Now it seemed like my real life.Never at peace.Nothing seemed to go in d right direction.It was 3rd Jan 2.41pm when it all happened.And since then there have been uncountable trials to make it right and bring things back into place.It occured so suddenly dat I could not realise dat it had in fact taken its shape.Unstable mind and imperfect body made it worse.Every good dat had happened to me in recent times gave back all dat sorrow it saved within it.nature never keeps anything.It gives u back wat u shud get.So did I.But may b it was too early.Thats how it goes.Happiness is alwaz planned by us but grief in ones life comes as planned by Him.Truely unexpected.Wat should one do if you r no more needed by the same person who needed u the most.Was it me who was responsible for all d change or it was just wished by someone else?
Questions dat have no answer revolve around me as I once again try and lift myself up from this dilemma to be or not to be.But I have now learnt how to be.And I wish it does remain the same.
Waiting for life to play another trick and make another move for me to take a new direction.
I once again lost n Life won.gathering my courage to fight back and give Life a something to think about.

"Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what u wanted ."