Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Kolkata Revisited

0 broke the Silence...wen wud U?

Every trip to kolkata has given me something to cherish about.
Glad that I had such a trip that too at such a critical time of my life.Things were changing pretty fast and the relationships too.People werent far too behind.The beginning of the trip never gave any such hint.But definitely there was some good feeling.Feeling of living my life right from the beginning.
As I was leaving bbsr on 19th of Jan I wanted to leave behind the past.I was quite aware how long the voyage wud be.How tiring it wud be.Just wanted to get busy with life such that I would not get time to think of the past.This is wat I had been doing since years.But may be I had forgotten my own self.

Life has so much to give which we are rarely aware of !!
Never thought at the beginning of the trip that Swyl wud be such a good friend.A person who had been around since 4 years in d same college.But discovered the real him in this trip.The always considered arrogant and outspoken guy cud b so different was really difficult to accept.But truely speaking I knew there was a better side to him.But I had never got a chance to view that.May be this was the day.It was a great experience to be with him and share with him all the thoughts which i hv nt done with many people.Not even with the bestest of my friends.There was something really amazing that made our thoughts and views connect to each other.
Two days were sufficient to know a person whom I could not know for four complete years !! It may b that we sometimes tend to share with people whom we dont know much and we get quite comfortable with.The same was the case with Swyl too.The bottom line is that we made great friends and I wud cherish it for a long time to come.
Shradha was another such person.I met her for the first time at kolkata and few talks were sufficient to make her a friend.She is a completely different person.A stable person with a stable mind.Knows exactly wat she is doing and wat she is capable of.Quite responsible to carry the
loads over her head.Thats wat makes her so different...Few hang outs made her presence felt.Glad to have met such a nice and different person wen trusting an unknown person was never easy for me after all that had happened to me.

Few things are tuff to forget.

A fabulous evening with Swati and Shradha on the steps of the hangout of city center,salt lake followed by a movie Guru in the Inox wud always remain as a sweet memory and a new step to the life ahead.
The walk along the roads of esplanade and feeling the chilling cold breeze kissing the ears and nose.The light from the lamp posts falling behind us and the never ending road seemed to loop us.Searching for our building and getting late to the place where we stayed.The best part was dat the gates were locked from inside by the time we reached and we(Swyl and I ) were shouting aloud at the top of our voices from the outside trying to call the security guards to open the gates.But in vain.Hungry stomach and bloody tired sleepy eyes were not ready to accept the fact that we are left with no other option to wait and wait for the gates to be opened.The only option that seemed logical and viable was to make a move to the railway station to spend the night which seemed to b longer than usual.But still we tried and tried.And luckily we found a security guard to our good luck and we were in.Into our room but nothing to eat.Smiles and some water were the only thing that we had to eat.Though tired and frustrated with all that occuring around and nothing going right at that moment I knew this was altogether a different experience and I enjoyed the whole of the melodrama and the exciting episode of that night.
The IIM,Calcutta experience and the feel of life at IIM. I could now realise the reason why IIMs are always a student's dream.The place is a nature's paradise with seven lakes within it.Not to be surprised though.It has all that a student would require and the best thing was the silence and the calmness in the environment.
The last night at kolkata with completely different experience at the pub.The taxi episode just before the entry into the pub brings back those curves around my cheeks.First night at a pub.I had expected to enjoy each moment but I could feel the void in everyones life around me.The void that all wanted to hide.I too was no exception.The pub was pumping with the blast of the bass and treble.People were dancing around and the music was on the rise.But along all this I was alone.Rather I was lonely.I could see the big difference that existed within the pub and the outside world through the big glass that separated both of them.Sometime before I had always wanted to be on this side of the glass.But now that i was already through I wanted to be on the other side.I wanted to be one among them who were sleeping and feel the calm dat covered them like a blanket.I could see a taxi passing by the wide road and an aeroplane crossing the big sky above.The view from the 8th floor of the bulding from the pub was really mesmerising.It was quite suffocating inside.But I tried my level best to try and be normal.But as I looked through the glass to the outside world I could feel the importance of night.The value that it has.Night brings with it a calm and the power to regroup urself to get ready for the next day,the next fight for existence.I didnt know the people who were inside the pub n wud never meet them in my life for the second time.But they all are fresh in my mind and I dont know why.I can figure each one out and connect them to all that was happening around me.They have become a part of my life and the moment I think of than nite each one comes alive.But I dont know wat was bothering me that night.No doubt it was enhtralling to have made it to the place.But den didnt feel the excitement within.The feeling was void within.I seriously wanted to be lost in the crowd with few drinks but I refrained. Something pulled me back.May be my next visit would make it easy for me to accept that environment.And I again repeat May Be ! Coz I dont know whether I wud ever get back to such place which makes me so different...But the
moment I came out of the pub i felt lot better and loved the outside world more dan before.The fresh air and the purer people.The actual and true me.
Carrying myself back to the station n taking alongwith me the thoughts and memories of the new friend and saying audie to all that was amazing to experience.

Kolkata has always given me great memories.But simultaneously reminds me that it is the place where I would start my new life and this would be the place whr i would stay after my engg career.Just waiting for the day to come and its not far away.Hope I get the best out of it.