Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Recent Me !!

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Long time and no posts.

It must have made many wonder whats wrong.But things are really not bad.Just keeping my nerves and thoughts under a shield.Not for any specific reason.But yeah definitely i have been trying to practice detachment in my life.I am slowly n steadily getting into my own self,the one I was four years back.Least bothered about anybody excepting a few.Just enjoying my life with all dat is coming along my expectations....nothing at all.And dat is wht has made me happier.Taking life as it comes to me.

Recent Happenings:

Was busy with many things suddenly.Didnt find much time for all dese.
1.Long time spent wid Dad at home.was good to b with him for so many days at a single time.
2.Chicku is back and was nice to see her so soon which i never expected.
3.Revived my friendship with Partha which was extremely required to be done after few misunderstandings off late.Spent few days with him.Completely as we were in the initial days of our friendship.
4.Attended ICDCIt,an international conference held at coll but was too tuff to understand.The papers presented were alwaz out of my understanding.Still enjoyed it wid partha.
5.Had a good Christmas day.Sudden plan to have a get together and go for an outing with friends.Didnt know few of dem too.But was really nice meeting dem and making new friends.Had a group of 8 on 4 bikes.And dat was an awesome experience.As we r coming close to the end of our graduation we r meeting new people and making new friends.and may b thats the best thing to do.Cherishing these moments.This is probably the last such long holiday for my whole life till i retire from job.Thus wud make it count.And rightly so i hv been doing dat and taking life afresh.That outing with friends whom i hardly knew has made me too close to them whom i had nt met for the last three years being in d same college.May b the best was in store for the last.
A trip to Shanti Stupa(Dhauli ) on bikes in winter aftenoon is someting to b cherished for ever.the small trekking on d hill near by and the river side view gave the best of best feel.Camera and photographs have alwaz been my passion n how cud i forget to b with it.Clicked many pics and i was busy taking snaps of all dat we did.The walk into the Church and den the longggggg chitter chat just in front of the church in d early evening was really cool.Standing in small circle and discussing all dat never came before into the mind was someting to look at.
Beautiful evening ! rare ones ever in my life.
I wish we cud stay for more time but den good things dont last long.It came to an end with another hope to see such a day soon.
The best thing about it was dat we didnt make any serious planning before hand and it all got into the groove and dat is wht really excites.Sudden trip like dis never dissappoints since all dat occurs is never u r bound to enjoy each part of the thing.Else wen u plan things u hv some predefined idea about wats gonna happen.And i suppose dats life.
6.Results are out and it really made many ups and downs.For the first time our batch has seen such a big turn around.Unexpected results and poor performances.Sort of nightmare ! But again this hardly matters now since life is set for the future and wht matters is how we r gonna perform at the bigger platform.Dat matters d most and not the score over here.
7.Developed a feeling !! Dont know why n how but i want these few months to end as soon as possible.Before it used to b like i never wanted these days to end ever.never wanted to leave college and i used to b quite nostalgic about leaving all dat i have gathered in these four years.But this has been a sudden change in me.I dont know how.But i suppose its for the good and m happy about it. The days shud get over as soon as possible and i m sick of this same old world of my own.I wanna explore the new world soon.Meet my new life that awaits for me with open arms.2007 knocking round the corner.It has been a year i hv been waiting for since 2003.Its a new step of my life no doubt.Its a milestone.And thus excited about the new and better life ahead...

many many good Wishes to Me !!
Hope all my dreams come true with this new step and new year dat appears to b a milestone.Adrinalin level is on the rise as i m getting closer to the much awaited time.

PISCES This Year in 2007

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The present makes me feel that my future wud be quite similar to these preddictions.2007 had always been a year long waited for.My passing out year with lot many changes and interestingly off late my intuitions have started working so well and as this year is coming to its end it is getting stronger day by day...i can feel it in my day to day life these days.I have had this intuitions before also but dese days it sbulls eye everytime i hv it.

Pisces is having a once in a lifetime opportunity for great changes this year. You will be having the time of your life, expressing your loving and compassion to the world and fulfilling your boldest dreams. There won't be a dull moment and you will intuitively know exactly what path to follow and what feels right in your heart. You will feel compelled to grasp new opportunities that manifest self-transformation in your career. You're stepping into your power easily, especially around April when you are urged to express your visionary mentality. You might rediscover your musical abilities and express yourself in creative ways. You have the power and inspiration to bring mystical sensitivity to what's around you. It's time to bring out the dreamy, loving and compassionate side of yourself and let it shine. You may want to get involved in writing, be it lyrics, poetry or just self reflection. Your idealistic nature is inspired from a strong connection to your surroundings, and you easily express yourself from a place of inner awareness. Your natural ability to communicate ideas to others is keenly perceptive now. Focus on trusting your intuition and you will get through nearly any circumstance. You need to lighten up about difficulties in life. Don't be so critical and overly concerned about details. Because you're so sensitive to others' moods, you may feel like you're not coming across in a very positive way. Take time out and have fun this year. Embrace that intimate love relationship you have!

With your outgoing nature and good work ethics, this is a great year to work with the public and let some of your hidden qualities shine outwardly. You are a good manager and make a wonderful role model to motivate others. Your high-minded principles spell success. Working in a higher educational field -- perhaps teaching philosophy or metaphysics -- would be very good for you. You feel comfortable teaching others about intangible principles because you've worked so hard to acquire your own self-awareness. Because of your compassion and being such a good listener, people feel drawn to you and look to you for advice. Very ambitious and seriously striving to reach your goals, you will achieve success this year. You will be asked to step up to the plate in new ways to help others. You will go through a lot of powerful transformations throughout the year in your career. You may have sudden and surprising opportunities -- traveling to distant lands, perhaps -- and will benefit from taking advantage of them. Try exploring new horizons, since it is a good time to expand your repertoire of skills and knowledge. You will benefit from grounding yourself from time to time in the practical considerations of life, especially since you will be asked to give out so much energy this year. Your work may be quite demanding, and sensitive Pisces needs to take time out just to relax, regroup and dream, especially when summer rolls around -- your favorite time of year. You need to recharge. Spend time alone in nature, especially by the sea.

Home and domestic issues are extremely important to you this year. You will feel close to those you love in your home environment. You are selective about emotional attachments. You have many positive friendships and feel socially comfortable. Being the sentimental and emotionally sensitive Pisces that you are gives you a gentle compassionate and loving personality, and the opposite sex appreciates that about you. You are idealistic and self-sacrificing. People adore you and can't get enough of your good nature, especially since you are a reliable friend and companion. Cuddling up next to a fireplace and having popcorn while watching a romantic movie or reading a book ignites the fantasy of having an intimate relationship. You'll find happiness when you connect with your higher self, and you function at your best when staying true to your fundamental vision of spiritual union in the world. Find someone who shares that vision. Your comfort level will definitely be going through some changes this year and you may even feel an urgency to move into a permanent home base. Emotional risks aren't something you want to take, and you may feel insecure about sharing your love with anyone else. As a result, you may feel vulnerable and raw. This year, learn how to overcome fears and trust your higher self to find the perfect relationship for you. In the springtime, you may be ready for a new relationship, or want to find new avenues of expression in your current relationship. You will be going through a lot of positive changes regarding your feelings this year, and it will make an enormous difference in your life.

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Rattled by something which i had never thought of before.
How can a girl sleep so easily with a guy whom she has never met before that too just for money?
Yes i am talking of prostitutes.Is it that simple for someone to do so.Does money become so important in life ? The most surprising fact is dat max of such people are college going students from well to do family.Is it just money or pleasure ?
If its pleasure den this can b understood bt not money factor.Still wondering how is it possible.But then with a stranger.
Just cant accept the fact !
Faith and Trust does not require any kind of condition.There are instances where people hv nt trusted me though we have been best of friends since years.But there also instances where people have given all their trust within no time.May it be just few days!Is it really important to meet and spend time with someone to trust him/her completely ? Its just that we need to be clear at heart n think straight.When we dont trust someone the fault doesnt lie with the person whom we dont trust but its the fault with our ownself.Its our own thought process and our deeds which make us not to trust someone else.Its us who r not trustworthy and dats why we dont trust someone else who can b definitely trusted with closed eyes. Please correct me if I am wrong.But this is what I have felt so far and my experience says this.
Came across a person who didnt think twice before giving the passoword of his/her primary mail box.And I was surprised to see dat n seriously speaking I didnt want dat.Cud have managed without it too.But that helped me a lot in my project.
Just wanna thank that person !!
Giving away a password is nt a big deal but the trust and faith with which it was given dat too without knowing me dat well was really something which made me so happy.It made my day though it was already late night :P
hehe....This was just an example to justify that trust n faith really depends on our own self.
What WE ARE !!

Few things making me go crazy

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yI m just crazy for the music video of "Leja Leja" by Ustad Khan and Shreya Ghosal....just love the video...the theme is superb....

next thing making me go crazy is Dil Se title song video...SRK is fabulous in dat....the only place where i feel SRK has some talent.The expression of love is superb,the tadap is awesome

final thing is our cancellation of vibranz this year.

anyone having the above two video can pls let me knw abt it and pls do tell me a site from whr i can download it.

An Evening Spent in the Memory Lane

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An Evening with two friends from school days.What can one expect to do dan reviving the old school days.It was an evening filled with happy and sad momories.The discussions had no particular direction and we had a roller coster ride discussing them.We could see how one topic took us to another,how we were led from one point to other as if there was no chance of coming back to d same point again.
And it was so !!
We hardly had anytime left to come back to the previous things to discuss further.The most exciting thing was all dose revealations which had nt been made during school days.Things that were of utmost importance and were quite capable of creating a mess in our friendship had literally no meaning today.We went on with our confessions and all dat we did at school and never let anyone know wht we did.Then was the post mortem of every ones love story which were too childish den.Felt like how silly were those days n how trivial were those thoughts.How we used to fight for small things and how each one of us was related to others.Things that never made any sense were of utmost importance then. The most surprising things which came up were quite interesting and we hoped had we known them before then mite be we cud have changed something in our life.
Finally we went thru the pics from school time.It was really great to get back to dose days in the photos.The picnics we had,the nite halt trip to Puri,the pics from bus and every other pic was enuff to bring a tear or two into the eyes though i have grown up and learnt how to cover them very well.The pics could show how life was simple and easy than it is now.How we used to have fun and the most interesting thing was that how we all have changed in shape and size.everyone has changed and everyones looks were quite silly n different as compared to how they r now.
But it was an evening we enjoyed a lot.It was after many years(almost 7 years) dat we had got a chance to be seated togther at a place and discuss so freely.We had met between dese years and we were in touch many a times.But we had never got a chance to interact for so long and dat too so openly. I could feel tat we hv really grown up both as a person and as an itellectual.We cud sense that there was hardly any common thing in between our lives now.May b dat made it easier to speak.And may b we really had known the true meaning of friends whom we hv lost from school.There are people who r no more with us.And this has brought an insight that we hardly get any chance to speak up and we never know wht this life is in store for us.Where we r heading to.And when we wud next meet or we wud ever meet or not.All dese realities hv opened the doors of hearts to speak all dat u wish to just because u never knw wht is in store for the future.This was the best evening i had ever had since school times.Even during school days we never had such chance to sit down at some place other than school to discuss.But I could remember all those days when we used to talk for hours on phone and also in classroom.

The memories have not grown with us.We hv only grown and come a long distance from where the memories were.But the memories are still there where they were.We just need to find dem out from within the lanes.

Missing Vibranz !!

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Vibranz !!
A word that beats every heart and makes every heart dance into a rythm of joy and happiness.
Come December and it feels the air with such excitement that u wud feel as if u r in a complete world. The name only suggests wht it means to people in KIIT.Vibranz makes the tempo of the college. K I T S what makes every heart go mad.Just love it.
This year too my heart is rambling around as we get into december.But I dont find dat wht the rambling mind had been searching for.There is no Vibranz this year.No event planned at college premises.Though last year also we didnt have Vibranz but there was the National Children's Science Congress which made up for that loss.I didnt feel d difference as we enjoyed a lot last year too with NCSC taking off in a grand style.

13th NCSC 2005 @ KIIT

But this year its nothing like that.There is no vibration in the wind.Its cold and dead as in a airconditioned room.Feeling suffocated and i need some free air of the Vibranz.But that wud never be the case. We may die out of suffocation but we r not entitled to organise this year's grand function.
This word Vibranz had no meaning to me when i joined the college but soon realised wht it means as we stepped into december 2003.Still remember the date 8th Dec'03 when our 1st sem xams got over.And den we jumped with the vibrations of our very own Vibranz.The event which was awaited by each and everyone in the campus.
The event rocked !!

Vibranz @2003

Experienced something which i had never thought of in my lifetime.Three days of full masti.Dancing to the rythm of Euphoria.That was altogether a completely new experience.

Come 2004 and again the same excitement and better plans to enjoy with all dat had been missing the year before.Many more friends to make.Vibranz is such a time when u can really make new and great friends.And thus it was nt quite surprising to make two precious friends den.They were Pracheta Das and Shiv Kumar Agarwal.Though i had known them before the event but it was this event which made me realise their value in my life.The event was quite memorable with memories to gather together.Then was all that drama on the final closing day which everyone saw.It was nothing less than a movie.Well there was this feeling within me that we too wud organise such events when we get into the final year and we wud definitely make an effort to make it the best one ever.Was keen enuff to knw how to organise such huge events.

2005 Dec was just a disaster for all of us and may b its only for that sad incident that we r unable to organise the event this year also.Something which we had been aspiring to get involved within was not all materialised just because something unwanted occurred last year.Were we responsible for it in any way??Then why nt this year ?

Few things need to be changed in this institute and firstly the attitude and outlook of the management shud change. Does nt the management need to think over this issue once more and make an attempt to give a scope to the students to enjoy such great events and also cherish such great moments for their life time ?

Isnt it really saddening to hear that we wont have Vibranz anymore in future.

At least we hv some thing to take home with us but wht abt the new students and the next generation students ?

wht will they take home with them when they leave ? Just nothing !!

Missing VIBRANZ a LoT !!

Reliving Vibranz at Home in my cozy room.

why ???????????????????????????????????

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Why do people expect things from others what they never do themselves ???