Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Who will see me off ??!!??

It all started in the month of May.One by one everyone left.
College got over.Friends started their new journey of life. I didn't miss any chance to say the final good bye. Life was taking new twists and turns. I was bound to acccept the things around me. Accepted whatever may it be. Hostelites left finally.
I had just recovered from the state of being alone. Could reorganise my life and move ahead. But again it was time to see off few of the friends who left for their respective joining at different places. Visiting the railway station and airport became a regular habbit and each time I visited these places, they reminded me of the last visit and how painful it had been seeing friends off for the last time. Tears had by then dried out and there were only helpless eyes that waited for my own chance to come.
The Wait is still on.
I had thought that I would be leaving early and tere would be many of my close friends to see me off.But that was not the case. The people who were expected to stay for long had to leave for their joining destinations. Partha and Jyoti were few of them. Never thought in the wildest of dreams that I would see them off...That was quite painful because I was never prepared for it. It really hurts when I find myself all alone out at this place and waiting for my turn to come. I would have my day too. But I won't have these people around to see me off. I know its just a weird thought to expect someone to see me off. But then thats how I am. I am the only person left out at bbsr to see everyone off. Its the toughest part to do. I know it must be sounding quite funny and rediculous but I too feel the need to move on and leave the past behind. But every time someone leaves, it recreates the wounds that were slowly getting healed.
Now tomorrow my very sweet little cousin would be leaving for Delhi. Perhaps today was the last meeting.Life has taken yet another turn. This was the most unexpected things to happen. I had always wished my close family members and friends to be there when I leave. But I always believe "Man Proposes God Disposes".
The million dollar question still remains unanswered !
I don't find people who would see me off ???!!??@@##??

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