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Striking The Right Chord

There are several mails that float on the internet as forwards. In one of the forwarded mails I had read something which has been making me think for quite sometime now. I am not aware of the author, so I would keep the author as anonymous. 

"People meet for a Reason, for a Season or for a Lifetime." - Anonymous

How true the thought is! Ever since I read this quote, I started evaluating all those people I have met in my life and whom I remember till now. I have met uncountable number of people in my school, in my childhood days, in college, in graduation, at  my workplace, in my neighborhood and of course others who have come across me as a surprise. Many have left, many are still in touch and perhaps there are only a few who would be there with me for my whole lifetime. What makes me wonder today is what could have been the chord which connected us? Was it for a reason or for a season or for a lifetime. And I agree all are not for a lifetime. 

Those who have already left me had come into my life for either a reason or for a season. It is really amazing to realize who all were there for a reason because now when I sit down and think about all these people I find a reason behind our meeting each other. There were many learnings that I carry  forward and now I know the reason why we met. And for those who were there for a season, all I can say is that, they would still be there in my memory for long but I can hardly find a reason behind our meeting - that upsets me altogether.

Now, for all those who are there in touch, I am yet to realize which category they would fall into. Fingers crossed I await for the reasoning in me to categorize that.

But, the next question that dwells within me is what about all those new people whom we meet daily. And surprisingly there are many who have hit the right chord straight away. There seems to be some connection already existing prior to our meeting and that makes me think if our meeting each other was just a matter of coincidence or for a reason? I fail to know what could it be. However, I realize that it's not the days, months or years of interaction which decides if someone is for lifetime. But what matters is, striking the right chord differentiates someone from the rest. Yet the watch is ON!

A few lines from one of my favorite Odiya songs goes below -

'Baata re chalu chalu,
kebe kiye.... dekha hue...
mane rahe naaaa.. 
kichi loka kichi chehraa... haayeee
kichi loka kichi chehra...
mane rahe... bhuli hue naa....'

Well, before I sign off I would like to convey all my heartiest wishes for someone who celebrates her Birthday today on 1st September. A perfect Virgo, as she is, has come a long way from being just an acquaintance to a very good friend in such a short period of time. That's what I believe striking-the-right-chord is all about.

Signing off

6 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

Myworld said...

Its very true. It has been said that a man chooses his own friends. whom you meet and whom you want to stay connected to is a choice upto you.

And what exactly is meant by signing off?

Pragya Raychaudhuri said...

After reading this section , I really felt that you were so articulate in stating that we meet either for a reason or for a season.... So true! I don't know where I stand but yes I would want the chord to strike every season for every reason :D. Thank you so much Abhisek for such a priceless gift.

vish said...

"I realize that it's not the days, months or years of interaction which decides if someone is for lifetime. But what matters is, striking the right chord differentiates someone from the rest. Yet the watch is ON!"


Coz they need to strike a right chord and build it up to create the togetherness for a lifetime. All the people who strike a right chord straightway may not be for a lifetime... people for a lifetime are squeezed out by you involuntarily from the pool who strike the right chord. So again, striking the right chord only would not be enough but the days and months and years need to make it for a LIFETIME!

Nice post buddy :)

bibhash k jha said...

nice quotation .. i came across this some time back .

anyway .. u r not blogging frequently these days .. are u busy with something?

Abhi said...

Hey Bibhash.. sorry dude for such a late reply, yeah i had been busy with my professional life.. been a bit unstable so far.. now would be on track!

wassup with you?

Abhi said...

@Vivek, Vishal: agreed to every word of urs..perhaps it was just my way of looking at this quote.

@pragya: thank you! well, striking the chord every season for every reason is not a bad idea u see :D!