Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

An Evening Spent in the Memory Lane

An Evening with two friends from school days.What can one expect to do dan reviving the old school days.It was an evening filled with happy and sad momories.The discussions had no particular direction and we had a roller coster ride discussing them.We could see how one topic took us to another,how we were led from one point to other as if there was no chance of coming back to d same point again.
And it was so !!
We hardly had anytime left to come back to the previous things to discuss further.The most exciting thing was all dose revealations which had nt been made during school days.Things that were of utmost importance and were quite capable of creating a mess in our friendship had literally no meaning today.We went on with our confessions and all dat we did at school and never let anyone know wht we did.Then was the post mortem of every ones love story which were too childish den.Felt like how silly were those days n how trivial were those thoughts.How we used to fight for small things and how each one of us was related to others.Things that never made any sense were of utmost importance then. The most surprising things which came up were quite interesting and we hoped had we known them before then mite be we cud have changed something in our life.
Finally we went thru the pics from school time.It was really great to get back to dose days in the photos.The picnics we had,the nite halt trip to Puri,the pics from bus and every other pic was enuff to bring a tear or two into the eyes though i have grown up and learnt how to cover them very well.The pics could show how life was simple and easy than it is now.How we used to have fun and the most interesting thing was that how we all have changed in shape and size.everyone has changed and everyones looks were quite silly n different as compared to how they r now.
But it was an evening we enjoyed a lot.It was after many years(almost 7 years) dat we had got a chance to be seated togther at a place and discuss so freely.We had met between dese years and we were in touch many a times.But we had never got a chance to interact for so long and dat too so openly. I could feel tat we hv really grown up both as a person and as an itellectual.We cud sense that there was hardly any common thing in between our lives now.May b dat made it easier to speak.And may b we really had known the true meaning of friends whom we hv lost from school.There are people who r no more with us.And this has brought an insight that we hardly get any chance to speak up and we never know wht this life is in store for us.Where we r heading to.And when we wud next meet or we wud ever meet or not.All dese realities hv opened the doors of hearts to speak all dat u wish to just because u never knw wht is in store for the future.This was the best evening i had ever had since school times.Even during school days we never had such chance to sit down at some place other than school to discuss.But I could remember all those days when we used to talk for hours on phone and also in classroom.

The memories have not grown with us.We hv only grown and come a long distance from where the memories were.But the memories are still there where they were.We just need to find dem out from within the lanes.

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