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Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Recent Me !!

Long time and no posts.

It must have made many wonder whats wrong.But things are really not bad.Just keeping my nerves and thoughts under a shield.Not for any specific reason.But yeah definitely i have been trying to practice detachment in my life.I am slowly n steadily getting into my own self,the one I was four years back.Least bothered about anybody excepting a few.Just enjoying my life with all dat is coming along my expectations....nothing at all.And dat is wht has made me happier.Taking life as it comes to me.

Recent Happenings:

Was busy with many things suddenly.Didnt find much time for all dese.
1.Long time spent wid Dad at home.was good to b with him for so many days at a single time.
2.Chicku is back and was nice to see her so soon which i never expected.
3.Revived my friendship with Partha which was extremely required to be done after few misunderstandings off late.Spent few days with him.Completely as we were in the initial days of our friendship.
4.Attended ICDCIt,an international conference held at coll but was too tuff to understand.The papers presented were alwaz out of my understanding.Still enjoyed it wid partha.
5.Had a good Christmas day.Sudden plan to have a get together and go for an outing with friends.Didnt know few of dem too.But was really nice meeting dem and making new friends.Had a group of 8 on 4 bikes.And dat was an awesome experience.As we r coming close to the end of our graduation we r meeting new people and making new friends.and may b thats the best thing to do.Cherishing these moments.This is probably the last such long holiday for my whole life till i retire from job.Thus wud make it count.And rightly so i hv been doing dat and taking life afresh.That outing with friends whom i hardly knew has made me too close to them whom i had nt met for the last three years being in d same college.May b the best was in store for the last.
A trip to Shanti Stupa(Dhauli ) on bikes in winter aftenoon is someting to b cherished for ever.the small trekking on d hill near by and the river side view gave the best of best feel.Camera and photographs have alwaz been my passion n how cud i forget to b with it.Clicked many pics and i was busy taking snaps of all dat we did.The walk into the Church and den the longggggg chitter chat just in front of the church in d early evening was really cool.Standing in small circle and discussing all dat never came before into the mind was someting to look at.
Beautiful evening ! rare ones ever in my life.
I wish we cud stay for more time but den good things dont last long.It came to an end with another hope to see such a day soon.
The best thing about it was dat we didnt make any serious planning before hand and it all got into the groove and dat is wht really excites.Sudden trip like dis never dissappoints since all dat occurs is never u r bound to enjoy each part of the thing.Else wen u plan things u hv some predefined idea about wats gonna happen.And i suppose dats life.
6.Results are out and it really made many ups and downs.For the first time our batch has seen such a big turn around.Unexpected results and poor performances.Sort of nightmare ! But again this hardly matters now since life is set for the future and wht matters is how we r gonna perform at the bigger platform.Dat matters d most and not the score over here.
7.Developed a feeling !! Dont know why n how but i want these few months to end as soon as possible.Before it used to b like i never wanted these days to end ever.never wanted to leave college and i used to b quite nostalgic about leaving all dat i have gathered in these four years.But this has been a sudden change in me.I dont know how.But i suppose its for the good and m happy about it. The days shud get over as soon as possible and i m sick of this same old world of my own.I wanna explore the new world soon.Meet my new life that awaits for me with open arms.2007 knocking round the corner.It has been a year i hv been waiting for since 2003.Its a new step of my life no doubt.Its a milestone.And thus excited about the new and better life ahead...

many many good Wishes to Me !!
Hope all my dreams come true with this new step and new year dat appears to b a milestone.Adrinalin level is on the rise as i m getting closer to the much awaited time.

1 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

r/w. said...

may all ur wishes come true. sweet post, lovely time you had. ur nostalgia regrding collg is increasing at a gud pace, enjoy the last days!!!! tc