Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Rattled by something which i had never thought of before.
How can a girl sleep so easily with a guy whom she has never met before that too just for money?
Yes i am talking of prostitutes.Is it that simple for someone to do so.Does money become so important in life ? The most surprising fact is dat max of such people are college going students from well to do family.Is it just money or pleasure ?
If its pleasure den this can b understood bt not money factor.Still wondering how is it possible.But then with a stranger.
Just cant accept the fact !
Faith and Trust does not require any kind of condition.There are instances where people hv nt trusted me though we have been best of friends since years.But there also instances where people have given all their trust within no time.May it be just few days!Is it really important to meet and spend time with someone to trust him/her completely ? Its just that we need to be clear at heart n think straight.When we dont trust someone the fault doesnt lie with the person whom we dont trust but its the fault with our ownself.Its our own thought process and our deeds which make us not to trust someone else.Its us who r not trustworthy and dats why we dont trust someone else who can b definitely trusted with closed eyes. Please correct me if I am wrong.But this is what I have felt so far and my experience says this.
Came across a person who didnt think twice before giving the passoword of his/her primary mail box.And I was surprised to see dat n seriously speaking I didnt want dat.Cud have managed without it too.But that helped me a lot in my project.
Just wanna thank that person !!
Giving away a password is nt a big deal but the trust and faith with which it was given dat too without knowing me dat well was really something which made me so happy.It made my day though it was already late night :P
hehe....This was just an example to justify that trust n faith really depends on our own self.
What WE ARE !!

2 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

Parul said...

hmmm..i wudnt say d moneyz imp here..
i'd rather say..some 'responsibilities' are!!!..
so a girl/woman/whoever who sells her most imp thng to n unknown person, for d pettiest f amount, and also accepts d thngz ppl say abt..

they ought to b d toughest human beings, and also, d most unfortunate!!

m sorry if i hurt u or ny1 thru this comment!!!

Monty said...

arre need not be sorry for anyone else.Even dat was in my mind.

But den how tuff it must be doing dis.dat was the main idea.

but u r rite dat dey r D tuffest human beings....