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Missing Vibranz !!

Vibranz !!
A word that beats every heart and makes every heart dance into a rythm of joy and happiness.
Come December and it feels the air with such excitement that u wud feel as if u r in a complete world. The name only suggests wht it means to people in KIIT.Vibranz makes the tempo of the college. K I T S what makes every heart go mad.Just love it.
This year too my heart is rambling around as we get into december.But I dont find dat wht the rambling mind had been searching for.There is no Vibranz this year.No event planned at college premises.Though last year also we didnt have Vibranz but there was the National Children's Science Congress which made up for that loss.I didnt feel d difference as we enjoyed a lot last year too with NCSC taking off in a grand style.

13th NCSC 2005 @ KIIT

But this year its nothing like that.There is no vibration in the wind.Its cold and dead as in a airconditioned room.Feeling suffocated and i need some free air of the Vibranz.But that wud never be the case. We may die out of suffocation but we r not entitled to organise this year's grand function.
This word Vibranz had no meaning to me when i joined the college but soon realised wht it means as we stepped into december 2003.Still remember the date 8th Dec'03 when our 1st sem xams got over.And den we jumped with the vibrations of our very own Vibranz.The event which was awaited by each and everyone in the campus.
The event rocked !!

Vibranz @2003

Experienced something which i had never thought of in my lifetime.Three days of full masti.Dancing to the rythm of Euphoria.That was altogether a completely new experience.

Come 2004 and again the same excitement and better plans to enjoy with all dat had been missing the year before.Many more friends to make.Vibranz is such a time when u can really make new and great friends.And thus it was nt quite surprising to make two precious friends den.They were Pracheta Das and Shiv Kumar Agarwal.Though i had known them before the event but it was this event which made me realise their value in my life.The event was quite memorable with memories to gather together.Then was all that drama on the final closing day which everyone saw.It was nothing less than a movie.Well there was this feeling within me that we too wud organise such events when we get into the final year and we wud definitely make an effort to make it the best one ever.Was keen enuff to knw how to organise such huge events.

2005 Dec was just a disaster for all of us and may b its only for that sad incident that we r unable to organise the event this year also.Something which we had been aspiring to get involved within was not all materialised just because something unwanted occurred last year.Were we responsible for it in any way??Then why nt this year ?

Few things need to be changed in this institute and firstly the attitude and outlook of the management shud change. Does nt the management need to think over this issue once more and make an attempt to give a scope to the students to enjoy such great events and also cherish such great moments for their life time ?

Isnt it really saddening to hear that we wont have Vibranz anymore in future.

At least we hv some thing to take home with us but wht abt the new students and the next generation students ?

wht will they take home with them when they leave ? Just nothing !!

Missing VIBRANZ a LoT !!

Reliving Vibranz at Home in my cozy room.

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