Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

How could I ?

Everyone says words are the best means of communication. But is dat the case always?

Is it that we always communicate well when we speak up?

But why is it dat when we sometimes speak up wht we feel den others react? Sometimes we hurt the most when we speak up. Never realized dat until today.Everybody says friendship is something where u can speak up wht u feel no matter wht d thought may b.The other person would definitely understand.But I think that’s not the case alwaz.We feel great when our friends share but its only applicable when it’s a good thought.But had I ever thought that I wud speak and wud hurt many with a single thought.The thought was misinterpreted.

I have hurt many people and many friends around me.May b I have failed to understand dem.I m guilty about the fact dat I hurt many with my words.I screamed but to hurt was not my intension. The only thought behind sharing my emotions was just to clear out certain misunderstandings. But in vain. Rather I myself went on to create more misunderstandings. Why is it dat I fail to do wht I intend to?

I m guilty for all dat I did. For the first time in these three years of friendship I had a fight with two friends. Never thought I would do dat ever. But really life is too uncertain. I think that my intension was never bad. I m nt guilty of dat but I m guilty coz the way I did it was nt to be. But there are situations when we r really frustrated out of every little misunderstandings which grow upto the level of hatred. May be the fear of consequence of speaking up prevents others from ventilating their thoughts. But I never thought that wud help the friendship. But may b I was wrong. Shud have left the thoughts as they were.

But then I m guilty n this guilt is something which will stay on with me. May b everything will b right but will I b able to come out of it ?

Buth I m afraid these small things don’t take me away from all my friends. May it never happen as they mean life to me. They too knw this but I wish such a day full of high tension never comes ever among we friends. These few months are meant to b spent with each other n may we b successful in dat.

The only reason for these things is the expectations that we attach with each other n we think we need to b understood rather than understanding each other. But these things wud continue in life. Lets hope everything gets on the right track. But again I m sorry for all dat. How cud I ?????????

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