Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

I need...

What is it that i need?

i dont knw wht i need.....may b i need a friend who is alwaz a friend....a freind who does not take me for granted...a friend i wud alwaz depend upon....a friend who reciprocates the same way....a friend who understands me...a friend who gets happy with all dose small things...a friend who realises my existence...a friend who has no hesitation to say anything...a friend who is ready to share all dat is special...a friend who gives everything even before i expect it...a friend who really cares...a friend who knows me more dan myself...a freind who understands what i need...a friend who is just a call away...a friend whose voice brings a smile in the heart...a friend with whom i can talk what ever i feel like...even it may b against the friend...a friend who knows what he/she means to me...a friend who is happy the way i m...a friend who lets me know that he/she cares.

Yes it may sound too weird but i think these are few things which we all speak of a friend and we think we all satisfy these as a friend.But have we ever wondered where we have gone wrong ?

We think what we do, we wont really hurt our friend because our friend understands us.But why dont we think dat the same friend may also be expecting the same.we all think dat we need a friend who possess the above mentioned criteria...but r we really ideal in dat we make ourselves such dat a friend wud really feel the way we want to feel when we get back the same things.Do we really come upto the expectations of our friends.But at each point of life we feel dat our friends should come upto our expectation level.When a friend fails to do so we feel bad and think dat the friend was not true friend and dat the friend really never understood us.But why cant we think just the reverse.Did we understand our friend well.

Ego is a thing which has ruined many such friendships.I have been a pray to dem too.Again in this case too we think that our friend should nt have any ego...but we never look at ourselves whether we have ego or not...n the moment we feel n we say tht we dont have ego den thats ego which says we dont have ego.Its so recursive that we really dont realise it.Why is it dat we always try n make our friends realise how much we care or how much we do for them?And when we do this we really bring that ego in between.

I would like to make a confession.Yes i have felt this many a times for each of my friend.A thought always comes to me"why does nt my friend reciprocate the way i want dem to,why they dont give a call when i have given a call n they missed it,why is it dat i m always a person taken for granted,why is it that i m always the last person to be remembered on the earth,and regardless of this why always i get to hear that i dont understand".Well i was really at fault.

I started to write this post just out of frustration with the above thought regarding my friends with an intention to complain but in the process of writing i have realised that i was at fault and it was really kiddish on my part to think that way.I m really sorry to all my friends for my such thoughts regarding them.Yes I am damn confused regarding my thoughts.

I too know that this is what every other person goes through.But again is it me who has been thinking more?But whatever,this is the fact.
This is what I need....i need all my friends to realise the same as i did it just now.

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