Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

I lost...

I have been feeling this from daz.I could sense this.Did nt want to accept the truth.And it is also a truth is something which we realise and untill we dont realise its never truth.The fact is dat self realisation is the main process of giving shape to truth.We need to know dat wht we realise, is the fact...the truth which we never wanted to be.

Months have passed but i lived in certain illusions.But slowly n steadily i have come along such a distance from my emotions dat i have no problem in accepting the truth.The TRUTH that i have lost.Lost everything that i once was very proud to possess.Lost the faith,a relationship,a friend,lost everything i was proud of.Feels like "meri hi nazar lag gayi".The reason is still unknown to me.The reason which i should have known.But again i know it makes no sense in analysing the past.That wont bring things back.

Did i hurt anyone?Was it my fault?Is it my destiny ?

Once lost it cant be recovered ?No matter how much i try i wont get my things back.Will things be the same ever ?

Qestions which hardly anyone can asnwer.I may pretend to be fine with this but it hurts to find dat i have lost.The thought of this has created a turmoil in me.I have many friends,many people who care.It may seem dat i can ignore what i have lost.But thats never easy.And when its life den how can it be dat i can live my life.
I have lost my LIFE...i will live no longer...i lost...

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