Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Now...The Initiative

It had been there in d mind...for over a year i suppose....
had thought of it but had nt taken it seriously.Yes Its true that i had been busy and been into many other things but was it nt possible to get myself into it before...why is it dat i feel that i cud have made it it just a feeling or a regret ?
Sorry...i forgot my own principle....i never regret for what i have done....its just dat wht i do or wht i feel is something which i wanted....its my responsibility...i take the whole of it.

Things have changed a lot within a year.Day on day....its just changing as the world is taking a new turn around the sun...It has been rightly said that nothing is constant and i too agree to that now.I had a feeling that changes do come but only upon our agreement.But yes changes come even we if we dont wish dem to take place.People are changing and of course the relationships.we too feel dat we change but why is it dat i dont feel that i have changed?have i ?or is it my illusion ?
Yes i have priorities have changed n yes i agree i have changed but people said me "be the way u r and never change".Why did they say so when they themselves have changed a lot?
why is it that they are getting selfish by making me constant just becuase they do not want to view the new part of me...the other side of me? Cant i take a new turn?Am i not allowed to do dat?If i do den why is it dat people are nt ready to accept this?i too am a human being and can CHANGE....
and why not ?

Taking a new step into my life with this new beginning i hope i find the better part of me.I wish changes come in me so that i can accept the changing world,the people and of course the whole of my life which will soon take a new turn.Just waiting for it to happen.....

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