Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Dream Date With Microsoft

Dream Come True!!! :dated 9th Nov'06
Well it was a dream come true day....dream company and wht more can a person ask from life.Beautiful experience and life long one too...Tried my best....But the Good news is dat i m not leaving CTS....cant leave the first comp of my life.Could not clear the written...But the written was very easy but just dont knw whr did i go wrong.Well it was also tuff enuff as only 21 got thru written out of 160 appeared....dat too clearing written with a day's notice was really yes had the confidence dat if i wud have cleared written den i wud hv definitely got thru....dats a diff story altogether...Anyways still happy dat i gave a try...looking forward to CTS !!


Towards Our Destination

Jab hamari manzil ek ho,aur chahe ham do alag rahon(tracks) main hi kyun na chal rahe hon,aisa bilkul lagta nahin ke ham alag chal rahe hain.It seems, we both are on the same track marching forward to the same goal and same destination.
But today we both were walking together side by side on the same track under the same moon light.Seemed as if we both are heading to the same destination.But the fact was something else.Initially I was quite apprehensive in accepting the truth.But soon I realised, though we are on the same path but our destinations are different now.We have our own ways of life.
I may not forget this day when we were walking down to our destinations, but I would always remember all those days when we were heading to our common goals on the different tracks: You on Yours and I on My.

We never got the chance to walk along the same path but when we did our destination was different.

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