Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Experience of CAT 2006

CAT 2006 format:
Two and half hours the time limit.
Three sections.
25 questions in each section.
So total 75 questions only.
Each one carrying 4 marks.Incorrect answer incurs a negative mark.
Five choices for each question(first time in CAT).
English section was tuff limited to only RC but no grammar and other stuff.

Nothing to lose!!

This was my attitude before appearing the test.But slowly when I went through the paper, a kind of guilt built in.i could see it take birth.Tried to cut it and kill it.I have always believed "Never regret for what you do".But somewhere in the corner of my heart it(the guilt and regret) is still being nurtured.The words of Prachi flashed like a lightening "Abhisek do it else u would repent".
The paper was relatively easy if the natural level of CAT is taken into cnsideration.I could solve quite easily many of the problems with ultimate ease and could not believe that I was sitting in CAT 2006.But could not do everything well since my preparation was not 100%.For the first time I felt,had I prepared upto my standards then it was not that tuff.Yes may seem to be foolish and idiotic and weird and few may even come harsh to me complaining why didn't I,but I couldn't.Thats my fault.Now I feel,I should have.But again,its not yet over.XAT still round the corner.Looking forward to it.And yes I will give it my BEST !!
Just watch...

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