Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.


Tears have always made me feel relax.It may seem dat I m weak at heart but whenever I have felt heavy at heart and unable to take on the stress specially emotionally I prefer to have some tears.Yes I agree that its something rediculous but few drops of it give me more of strength than without it.I dont knw why but tears bring out all dat is within u .With its salty taste it gives u the strength to bear all dat is more sour than the tears.Dont knw but tears are definitely a great healer. When u feel completely lost and want to cry as a child but there is not enuff tears in the eyes then in such circumstances think of the moments in life from ur past that have really hurt u a lot and then tears would come into ur eyes and make u feel relaxed.Yes this is no joke.Just try it and u wud feel wht u hv gained by just dropping few of them.As if a big burden has been given away.
Its all my experience with so many of such circumstances.And i have alwaz believed that tears are never a sign of our weakness.A person who can drop tears is the strongest person on the face of earth coz he has the guts to accept the truth when he is hurt,when he wants to have something desparately,one who is not ashamed of himself and one who has really lost.If u cant drop ur tears then u r nt strong enuff to accept the truth.Tears are nothing but the burst of emotions.
Why have I said so much tears.Because I have cried coz I m not ashamed of myself or I m not at all afraid of the circumstances.
I feel !
I m Human !!

Tears are never the signs of weakness rather they show a person's strength to express emotions.
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3 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

parul said...

i read smwhr
"tears r the mirror f our soul!"

nice post :):)

r/w. said...

tears which bring us closer to ourselves or God are always good. (I guess so)

Abhi said...

Thanks Parul and r/W for the comments. I had seen then only when u had posted your comments. But hadnt got anything further to add.

But today, after 5years i revisited this post of mine and I feel nothing much has changed except for the fact that we have started earning and living the life we always wanted to during our college but who had known that this was not what we intended. As I look back i have already gather few drops and I am not ashamed of it. Of course tears r the mirror of our soul and souls dont change.. is it?