Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.


Exams are over n I had nt posted for many days out here.Dunno the reason why i did nt.But yes the day exams got over I could feel dat yes we r done and only one sem is left out in this engg career.
I still remember the last day of 2nd sem xam when Anu came and just was too excited about the fact dat we were no more juniors and we wud b in 2nd year.

The Seniors !!

Seeing her excitement i had said her dat how these 8 sems wud end we too wont know...and then all felt this guy is alwaz senti.I too didnt think much den just because there was amost 4 years for us.I too could not visualise this day when we wud b at the doorstep of final walk.
Huh.....wht m I doing....why so nostalgic !!

Things have changed a lot within dese four years.

I m really nostalgic.Having the feeling of getting back to old days.I wish I cud rewind all dat has happened and see thru....the past...
kehte hain jo beet gyaa so beet gaya.Lekin aise kaise beet jane de jab sari jndegi ke woh haseen pal kaid hon usi main?
But the last semw ud fly by and there is no doubt abt it....and on top of that we have more than a month gap.Dont understand why do the coll remains closed for so long.Have nt met any of the friends since long.realinsing how it wud b after six months when we all wud b placed in our respective places.

But as we move on in life we meet different people.And we really meet them late who had been missing in your life.U start realising that may b God wants us to meet few wrong people before meeting the the right one.And then i too have a philosophy in life.I feel the person whom i meet late is the one who will stay with me for long and till late...may b thats wht is turning out to b true.
I have started evaluating people and thats nt the right thing to do.But yes i have to.I really had to.Coz i need to find out who all wud stay wid me forever n who wont.This the really too tuff to accept that a few of them will only stay.And the most hurting thing is that those wont b there who were always expected to b thr.And then life gets tuff.
But did I ever say that I hv never have any expectations from anyone? True....I never expect....thats the best policy.
Expectations are never fulfilled.But when did I start expecting from people around me?.And may b most critical question is why did I !!


Another thing has been bothering me for quite a long time.Do we really need to meet people to know them better ? Is it that we cant knw them without having a look at them ? Shud we not trust someone just blindly ?
Yes I hv !! Seems too different and may be many of my friends may reject this thought n may say that i hv been a fool doing so.But when I hv never got wht i expected then how can they complain and give such statements ? Dont they realise wht they have done to me ?
Why do people never understood wht they did ? Dont they have the guts to accept the truth ?
Come on hit me hard and say it to me.Have it in you to accept wht all u have done ?
If not then just fuck off !

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