Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

27th Sept to 8th Oct 2006

12 days of complete break from life.Not even net.Only fun n friends.Great experience all together.Spread over two phases:

1st Phase

Day ONE - 27th :-

Excitement for the journey to Kolkata with friends.The best thing of it was tht i had the chance to have a journey with friends in train.Dont knw why I had this subtle dream to achieve.Train was t leave at night but had a bday party in d afternoon which too was enjoyed wid friends and that bubble of happiness and excitement did exist abt the trip.All set for the trip n we enjoyed the party n when it was night the curiousity grew till i reached station and that small walk from the road in front of the station where the auto left me to the platform 1 was an experience hard to forget. Had the mixed emotion of the trip.Had completely no idea how wud it turn out to be.Never ever had the feeling of being so closely attached to my own place.Felt as if i m leaving for ever n cud realise dat few months after this we all wud b leaving from the same station to the new place where the new life awaits us. But kept that feeling for some other day n strolled along to the platform since i had got the news of the train being late.
Finally met the friends and all waited for the train to arrive at the brisk pace as if it wud we wud fly with it.
Train arrived !

What a beginning to the Journey.What a tragedy ! Cant ask for more to remember this journey and to make it more exciting.One of my frnds ,she had forgotten her flight tickets (of the flight which she had to board the next day from Kolkata in d afternoon) in the hostel. Panic creeped in and calls thru cell phones played the game.Then all was set for the night.Had loads of khatti (chit chats)n fun.Sweet little tales n talks.Those drowsy faces n the people sleeping around in the dim light that seemed to b some threat to darkness bt was just an assurance of being a saviour. But the glow on the face of the friend made it clear that thr was no reason to bother.Just to chill n relax. The thrill of being together n a wish to capture each moment passing by in the hearts. Memories to be made stronger to preserve the unforgotable moments for the days,months years and ages to come.

Time flew by and reached the destination.Good Morning Kolkata !!

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