Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Day TWO : 28th Sept

What a morning !

Cant be better than this.Just awesome. The feel of being in a different place.As if everything had been all set for us to welcome.The breeze had its own charm.That which had been reserved for us.Colorful trees and beautiful birds.

Wild thoughts and wild dreams.

The wish to explore the whole new world.Moving to a different world. But the feel of loneliness seemed to creep as i could feel the busy life at Kolkata.It was early morning and not even sun had taken its place.But thats wat seemed to b so much like true metro and India.people and people around.

Finally reached the place where we wud b halting. Bansdroni,Netajinagar Gachhtala....sweet name !

Places we moved through out the day after a bit of rest :

Salt Lake,City Centre,Nicco Park,Labony and many names dat i cud neither pronounce nor know wht dey meant.Left it to our sweet little friend to understand since she was from kolkata.

Had loads of fun at Nicco Park.Thr was little bit of drizzle which made it wonderful.The most intresting part in it was the discussions which i had with my friend Pragya on people wearing dresses which few could carry themselves in it and few who could not.And how the dressing sense of people(specially girls) give the idea of their bent of mind and modernity.Can they ever manage to be fit into a typical Indian culture and many such wierd discussions.One thing that i could learn is dat Pragya is a good Debator but she never participates in any events and dat really seemed something unusual but i hope she agrees with me and participates in this year's Debate competetion the Pratijja.

Everything was well planned and places were sorted to b seen as per their location. Had the view of our first Pandal at Kolkata and it was awesome to view the tarditional Puja and rituals being carried out.

It was the Pandal at Labony which had been beautifully made.The second one was the Pandal at the EC Block whr we witnessed the Sasthi Puja called as Sasthi Boron.Its a Puja where Big drums(Dhak) are decorated with feathers as if it were a space ship.People who play the Dhak are known as the Dhaki.Women dressed in typical white n red border sarees made the aarti,children dressed in new colourful costumes,gals wearing dressed to perform dance for the Sasthi Boron !!

What felt nice was that people have not yet forgotten their culture and to b a part of such a culture was so nice.

Sweet moments spent with friends are hardly potent enuff to b explained n to b felt only in the heart.Did enjoy the drizzle and the wind dat blew across the open spaces of the place (salt lake).Beautiful to stay and just behind we had the big mall city center.nice hanging out place and good to b wid frnz.

Then in the dinner we had my best friend Satrujeet.It was his arrival which made me so glad and finally my wait for him since i reached Kolkata got over.

Had a cute special dish named Chicken Momo specially ordered by Pragya and we loved it.

Things that gave the flavour of Kolkata :

Yellow Taxi with meter reading with doubling effects.
Small rickshaw with capacity of one and half
Old Broken Buses still on the road
Buildings with old british design
Chicken Momo
Quite a tiring start to the whole trip.But glad dat tht we did enjoy each moment of the day.The walks along the wide n narrow roads of kolkata made me think how the whole city has in it all d contrasting elements together.

Most amazing thing that i noticed was a small bridge on a canal in Gachhtala which can only b crossed one way.The slope is such dat the passengers need to get down from the rickshaw to enable the rickshaw puller get to the other side with the rickshaw.So sweet an experience to get down the rickshaw n den walk along the canal to the other side and den again get into the rickshaw.

Thats what makes Kolkata so special.

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