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Those Days Are Back...Just for a DAY

My heart was longing for such a day!
I was missing something but really didnt know what it was.
The days have gone by when I used to have the company of my friend.How desparate I had been to meet Chicku ! And finally what i saw at 4.45am was Her.Finally she is back.
Yes She is back !!
The joys knews no boundaries and had to flow by like from the Gangotri.The flash of her sweet smile said it all.It was we meeting each other and she had landed on BBSR (the place she used to give a damn before has now become heaven for her). The bubbling words and the spark of happiness clearly shone in her eyes.
Her talks started right from the time we met and she went on and on explaining all the experiences and happenings at the new place.It was so nice listening to her talks though we were still in the station until it became morning and sun came up.It was 6am when we left the station.But till then it was all she. The excitement with which she went on saying abt her new coll,new friends,faculty,the environment and every damn thing dat had happened to her at the new place. It was like burst of emotions.I just kept on listening to her and looking at the twinkle she had in her eyes. I Feel really blessed dat thr is one person who looks upto me in every part of her life.That really matters a lot.What made me glad and happy is dat though we have now diff friend circle and all together different environment,she still needs me as she used to when we were in school.That Own feeling (apnapan in hindi) made the day for me.
As we drove along the road i could hear her saying "this is the filling station i used to fuel my scooty,this is the place we used to come for fast food,this is the opolfed i used to go to for bread and so on n on ".I too had a complete flash back of all the places and things dat we had associated with the places. Lovely memories moved through the mind as the subtle cold wind kissed my eyes and the nose.Silence prevailed as we both were lost remembering all the past days.
Plan was to make the day exactly as those days when Chicku used to b there.So we visited all those places dat we used to visit regularly starting from The CCD in front of Ram Mandir. Bowed my head in front of the Almighty for this day.Innumerable topics were discussed and they changed like the waves in the sea,each losing its identity with the evolution of the other.Then the Forum Mart where she again went on saying abt her new friends this time with more of support for her i.e. the CD full of pics of her friends and the events they enjoyed at Mumbai(yaar main pura pak gaya aur yeh use pata na chale :P).But i m now glad that she has a bunch of friends who will b there for her alwaz and she is happy which was not the case initially.Truely Happy For HER !!
Went to Barista through the road she used to love.The four laned road with white mercury lights on its just heaven.Stopped the bike and just few mins on the pavement.It was awesome and i remembered the first day i had brought her to this place.She had gone mad dat day!
But today i could see her enjoying the very sight and the moonlight.Calm n composed.Her eyes spoke of everything dat she felt.
Finally it was Barista n around 9pm when i left her.But as i was on the way to leave her i just asked her one question "why do we meet to depart ?"
and she replied perfectly saying "dats wht life is all about"
And suddenly i realised dat this would b the last time we would meet at BBSR coz next time when she returns i wont b thr since i would have also left bbsr and joined CTS at some other place.These sweet memories are created so as to take dem with us as we depart n move alone in life.
It was after so many months that i was so happy and moving around in the evening.After she had left i had stopped roaming in the evening.either my time passed by by remaining indoors watching TV or netting.But today i felt as if the those days have come back and i m living the past all over again.How nice it would have been if we had a rewind button and we could get back to the exact frame we wanted to ? To live that moment again that our heart alwaz keeps close to itself !!
Just the thought of the reality dat she would leave soon enuff and to meet her next would be a rare possibility created some particles in my eyes that had had few droplets deep within.
Songs dat she murmurred all the day and wud remind me of this day for years to come were:
Tere Bin Kaisa jeeya Tere Bin
Kyun aaj kal neend kam khwab jyada hain
Kabhi alvida na kehna
She would finally leave soon for her new world leaving my heart pounding for each such day.

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