Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Problem Solving

Do we really need some one to slove our problems ?
We mostly turn to a person when we r in some problem and we think we are lost.That person may b our best friend,our parents,our teacher or anybody.But is it necessary dat we shud turn to dem for problem solving?
Do these people know more dan us about our problems ?
Do they really understand the position in which we r in ?
Are they the best person to judge the situation n find a suitable solution ?
The person to whom we turn to may b the person who best understands us.But not necessarily dat person wud understand the situation best.
Few months back i was so much dependent on few people dat i never knew how wud I live without them.It was like death witout them.Any problem I faced it used to be like i would approach some of the best pals that i have got like Satrujeet,Chicku,Amit and Prachi.I used to b too much dependent on them and i used to feel that since they knw me so well and understand each part of me, so they r the best persons to evaluate a situation or a problem I m in.And I used to leave the whole of solving the problem upto them.
But things have changed in dese few months.As they say changes do come for the good.And i can say that the changes dat have come in my life have at least helped me realise that who else can understand my problems dan me myself.Its me who is facing the problem and i know wht r the circumstances.So how can some one else even my best friend understand until and unless he is nt experiencing it.I dont say that I dont need them but wht i wanna say that its finally me only who can find the best solution for myself.Since i can b the best person to judge the situation,i can find a way out.And believe me i now feel dat though these people still play a vital role in my life but still i wud never ever feel lost and feel helpless when they are nowhere near by.I knw they all r there for me anytime but i can atleast understand my situaion the best.
So when in a problem i dont think its always our friends who wud help us.they wud definitely b there to b our support.But when its time to act and take a decision we shud alway turn to our own conscience.We should fight the situation ourselves.

Problems are not deamons.They are just a phase of life.
Just a song comes often to just show the phalacy of these problems - Zindegi Kaisi hai Paheli Hai Kabhi Yeh Hasaye Kabhi Ye Rulaye....

1 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

parul said...

hmmm, d sole reason y v talk 2 ppl arnd us, is 2 get n unbiased view on d situation..becoz bein in thr, seein it all nd feelin it, v get carried away, and v also sometimes are in a fix as to wat we shud do, coz vr clogged wid emotions, dznt mean they kno more. v kno more, obv, coz v've felt it, been thru it!!