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Day THREE : 29th Sept

.......contd from day two (Kolkata Trip)

Day Three Unplugged !!

Day three was the best day of the trip.It was on dat dat all the friends got together.It was day full of masti.Completely dedicated to Masti.Had no specific breakfast,no lunch and even evening went without food.except the dinner which was awesome.

Day started with a movie in INOX in city centre and guess wht movie. It was Pyar Ke Side Effects !!:)

Cant just describe the movie except dat it was superb and the humour was just like Rahul Bose.Rahul has his own style altogether n sometimes i wonder why is he not thr in mainstream Bolywood ?
Little bit exaggerated a movie bt was good.The experience of INOX was superb.

Den was the journey to the place we were most excited about.It was the Aquatica.Place which had its attaction before the trip was planned.Had nice time with all friends.Exciting rides with water n water everywhere.I had previously water phobia but it didnt matter.Enjoyed every moment at the place with loads of pics being taken.Almost 5hrs at the place had taken away all d energy.It was quite tiring and that too when we had no lunch.But still we enjoyed.It was made more exciting with rain.It was really so romantic but everything was too cold n we all were shivering due to wind.

Got back to the main city and it was time to go for pandal viewing.Well it was den 7 in d evening.Had no energy but still had to since we had no time in hand to cover all places.Nyways the attarction was the big 3 storey building of Haldiram's.Could not blv that an Indian country has such a big center.It had all sorts of food and the dinner was complete indian and spicy.

The biggest prb in Kolkata was the time taken in travelling.That was the most boring part of the trip.Every time we got into a bus or a auto it was like one hour pakka.

The best thing and uniue thing that i marked is that the whole city celebrates Durga Puja.Eevry building and every house (big or small) with decorations and lightings.Beautifully made lights and the hanging lights gave it an image as if a light city.All places had their unique feature of style.Lights were the main attraction.The excitement and the interest with which people celebrate and enjoy is quite remarkable.Their way of being attached to their own culture is quite admirable.
You would find people of all ages and even ladies coming out of their houses in the evening.Going from one pandal to another throughout the night.Pandals had queues till 5kms and more.Still people had the enthu to keep going.they enjoyed this.Standing in a queue was their Puja enjoyement.That their energetic and enthu was too much.Even The taxis,trains,metro,auto and buses kept running whole night.

Hats off to the people of Kolkata and their culture.
Amazing stuff !!!

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