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Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

The Wait !

3 Months and 19 days !

The wait for my Friend.A friend i have rarely talked about wid people around me.The reason being i never had the necessity of doing so because we r two diff people altogether when we r together which no second person can ever know and understand.
She is the only friend from school, who has been in contact with me since school days.This feels great to look back at times where we used to b together n looking at the postion where we r standing now.Its like two diff ends of the world.World has changed so much.But we havent changed much for each other since years.

We had been in contact all through out and she had been in my city for over last three years.But last June she left for her MBA.

But she will b back soon.Had been waiting for her.I knw how the days went without her who had been like evening prayer for me since three years.Still remember those days when we used to meet everyday in the evening and i used to have all my plans cancelled for her.

Such had been the days.Missing her each day each fternoon and most importantly each evening.But today the wait will be over.she will b reaching at the station at 4 am. And guess what ?

I m at my friends' place to be able to recieve her.My eyes have won the war and sleep is nowhere near.The excitement to meet her has grown like a dragon.The ticking of the watch and the fan moving around had made me feel more excited as the time is going by.But why do I feel dat the watch is running late and the time machine has been switched off ?

These days passed by counting the number of days left to meet next.I remember each call dat was made had the mention of number of days left from her soothing and anxious voice.That she too has been desparate to come back to her place makes me feel wonderful.How will it be ?
Though she had left long back but everything is in the same place.I still dont have any plans in the evening for tomorrow.I have been spending time indoors in the evening.I didnt have to make excuses that i used to make at home to move out when she was there at BBSR.But yes i miss those days.

My longing heart still waits for her to be back in BBSR.I dont knw what will be my reaction when I meet her after so many days.Days have passed by, which never seemed to pass by.But glad dat Finally we have reached this position when we would meet just after another one and half hours from Now.

Waiting Waiting Waiting...
So tuff a job !!

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