Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.


It was the first Fog of the season.It was as exciting and romantic as the first Love.Cutting through the fog on the bike i could feel the little droplets kissing my face and few of dem surrendering on the spectacles.It wasn't dat chiil outside but rather pretty pleasant since it had been too humid for d last week or so.Looking through the poor light was like looking into the eyes of the the most beloved one.It was really romantic n i hoped i could jott down my thoughts there only.Peeping through the window i could only see nothing .It had a beautiful effect on the surrounding all around.Waiting for the winters to start n take everything into its cover.
Well this was something unexpected.Fog was never on the cards for 25th Sept.But what was on the cards ?
It was the DAY (rather evening ) all had been waiting for.Many preparations had gone into for this particular day.Marketting,Make ups,Mehndi and all dose stupid things had kept the gals busy since two three days.(bt to tell u d truth dat kept the guys really excited for the day) It was DANDIYA NIGHT 2006 - The last one for us at college. So many plans had been made to make this a big day n a memorable day.
And finally it was evening.Had a complete blast. enjoyed to the max.Had the coll tempo going all along the show. Just amazing n the best thing about the evening was we the guys were busy giving complements and the gals were quite happy n ambitious to get some more.U knw Dil Mange More....waise we too did let their expectations down. Well everything was so colourful and beautiful. Just was one of those days when u can never think of a single piece of sorrow at ur door.If at all there were any den they were not allowed to creep in and just kept at the door step waiting till tomorrow comes. Photo session was one of the best ones we have ever had. Special treatment by the management(Sastry Sir-Placement Officer,Baidyanathan Sir) and the faculties (HOD CS - M.N Das Sir) for the final year made the day memorable.Special song for final year and the way things went on with the feeling dat This Was It.Now its time to say adiue. But didnt have any second thought in the mind except having fun.
The Dandiya Sticks,the songs,the photos,the tempos,everything are so special dat i can hardly part from dem.They will keep reminding me n of course all in the friend circle of the greatest ever moments of the lifetime.Can we have any such day further in future life ?
can we b so carefree and dumb ?
can we b so callous to the reminder to get back to respective hostels ?
Can we ever get back to past ?
Cant we have a rewind button in life ?
cant we capture each moment n each feeling ?
cant we have more ?
expecting to hve more of such events in these few months....but yes we wont b thr thereafter !!

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