Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Looking Back....

Had a great evening at was viswakarma puja today n so as usual our coll had a great arrangement with big pandal n the gorgeous idol of Lord Viswakarma....just the grand way as it is alwaz arranged.

Had a function in the evening with performances by all the four batches of Btech Stream....this was our last Puja at being the final yr students it was organised by our batch n cud feel dat we wud b off from coll in few months now.

The performances were awesome with some breathe taking ones too....for the first time found some of my frnds(gals in d group) giving a performance...never saw all of dem together....was good to see dem on stage...had to wait till the end as it was the last one in d event(the best for the last) and all dat period had been waiting with those excited eyes to have a look at their performance.The Place was over crowded with no chairs available to sit....but dat didnt hurt much as it was worth standing with all frnz around n enjoying the event.

This time around it was bit diff....we had been having such events every year along with the Grand Vibranz(the annual function)...but last year it(the annual function) had been we had no such event for over a year...the last one i remember was the same viswakarma puja in 2005 bt few had attended it since it was raining heavily(even i had nt attended it).So having such an event after so long was really enjoyable....specifically for the juniors(2nd year,3rd yr n of course the new 1st year).They had not seen such events at coll n blv me such events at KIIT are worth attending and enjoying coz u wud really love to cherish such events once u pass out.

I could see those excited hearts of juniors n d way they enjoyed with the newly learned tempo of the coll...." 'K' 'I' 'I' 'T' 'Diskiiiaaaaunnnnn' "....we have shouted dis on many it was new to dem n so dey did it really good.I was glad that the juniors are taking the coll tradition ahead.....they kept dancing on their feet at the back of the whole audience gathering....had thrown away their chairs and kept dancing with the beats of the song playing;hardly bothered with whts going on the stage...who performed wht n how was the performance was never their botheration....they just went on on and on.....with the tempo of the coll echoing the whole place; even that subdued the big loudspeakers...but why i am explaining so many things and what relevance has it with me....i didnt have dat sort of fun today.then why ?

well the ovious reason is dat we too had such fun when we were in our first n second year....never had anything to bother about....just had one aim of enjoying four years...really excited with all dat was happening....had never ever experienced such events...those days just flashed in my mind...the way we too had thrown away the chairs...the way we had paid no heed to our seniors n even to the faculty n management members...the way we had danced all d evening right from the beginning...the new friends and their company....the excitement to enjoy for the life time....all dose feelings of first year again played in d heart n was really refreshing to think of dose n enjoy the event.each and every thing that had occured in dese three years of our stay n mostly days of such events just kept on coming...even now i cant keep dem off from the mind...everything crystal clear....those friends...those groups...but seriously i dont find dem around me any more....there are new set of ppl around...groups have changed and also the priorities...thought process has changed i suppose all have got more matured dan before.
then we really were carefree and we thought as if four years wud b a long time and we wud enjoy a lot....but things have changed.....such events come rarely n within dese days three years have passed n cant remember whr n how did dese days fly by ? now we have many things to bother(even if got thru campus )....not only abt academics but also everything post engg career n all dat wud really matter when we enter the true i really cant b d old Abhisek who had nothing to i know these events will come n go n dey r just virtual enuff....but life goes on taking new twists n turns...but yes these event definitely give a chance to enjoy n lock those small memories in this small heart which wud later make u laugh with the drops of tears running down the chin....

feeling as though we would be leaving coll tomorrow for the first time supposedly i realised dat we wud leave coll in just 8 months from now...a song(kabhi alvida na kehna from kank) was dedicated by our juniors to us....dat moment i realised dat it was It...we r finally at the doorstep of completing btech n finally we wud walk out...and dat thought has evoked a fear of leaving all my friends and all dat we had been experiencing for the last three years...everything n everything.....
i have started feeling it in my guts now !!!
The count Down has begun....8 months to go !!

2 broke the Silence...wen wud U?: (+add yours?)

neha said...

sweet n lovly post.
nice tht u write it all, the blog will keep these precious memories preserved! the 4 yr in coll do change us in many ways. and regarding the fear u mentioned at the end, as u urself said in the other post

the show must go on!.

Monty said...

thnx for the comment...
Hey this one was emotional one and the other one was the practical view of it coz the show must go on !!