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Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

The National Song...

It was the Vande Mataram centenary yesterday!!

Vande Mataram was in the air.7th September was a day which made everyone proud to be Indian after the other two days i.e. Independence day and the Republic Day.People only feel proud on such occassions and then forget till such an event again comes n given that sense of responsibilty.

Is it not true that Vande Mataram is the song that derives that feeling of being INDIAN and respect for the motherland?
But why do we need an occassion to remember its glory?
Are we so busy in our lives that we really dont get the time to listen to the Doordarshan and All India Radio in the morning.I dont know whether all know this or not but Doordarshan and AIR start each day with Vande Mataram.Thats the way it should be.Even all the private TV and Radio channels should come forward and make it a point to play the national song at least once a day.That would be the true way to celebrate the Centenary of this song which inspired innumerable patriotsto lay down their lives for the motherland.Where is dat feeling with this youth ? And is it new generation which is responsible or the changing world ?
How is it that the new generation will know about their nation and patriotism if the media is silent about it.This centenary celebration has really laid a path towards that awareness.Is it possible to create this only through text books? I feel its no.They have been reading this since ages abt National Song but they really do not know the true value of it untill we show it to them through our actions.For the first time Vande Mataram was sung in all school n colleges at the same time and in complete coherence and it was really great to find those small kids having that excitement for the National Song.They never had known about this untill today.My cousin for example who is in her 3rd standard asked me if we too sung the song at out college.And my nod made it clear dat they r nt made fools at their school as the whole world was feeling great as their school.That nod brought an expression on her face which confirmed me that her belief on her thoughts has been validated.So whenever she listens to the National Song next she wud feel proud for the song.This day wud alwaz be in her mind as this was the first such event which brought forward the secrets of Vande Mataram.
So i strongly feel that the Govt. and the media shud come up to make it a point to play Vande Mataram every day at least once.Playing it every one hour will b really great though :) !!

Another Thought :

Should Vande Mataram be made the National Anthem ?
Probably Yes.Yes our present national anthem is in no way related to our country's pride.Its sung for the The then British Rule.So why should we still sing for their pride?It has no relevance to the current India.Rather the song Vande Mataram that made millions lay down their lives for the country should be made the national anthem.The two words "VANDE MATARAM" brought the fire within all to fight for the motehrland.If we recollect our patriots,like Bhagat Singh, they spoke these two final words only.Should we not do justice to their sacrifices? Can we give a tribute to all dose million sacred souls by giving the due respect to Vande Mataram?
I Suppose its a must ! Why not ? Why cant we rectify our past wrong doings? Its high time the People and the Govt must rise to the occassion and give justice to all the sacrifices.

Lets raise our voice to make Vande Mataram the National Anthem.



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