Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

The TREE !!

We have our midsems beginning tomorrow.But what am i doing here right now....its midnight and i should have been at my bed as i had been doing this for the last three years.But whts wrong today ?
Have i not completed my portion for tomorrow's paper?...
if dats not the case den wht is the thing which made me it that i m nt sleepy ?
yes i m sleepy n damn tired....but den why am i here ?
Well thr is a reason which made me came to my blog.At noon today as i was just going through my books and was trying hard to concentrate something just flashed in me...there was an urgency to write down...wht was dat i too didn't knw untill i started writing...i rushed for the pen n just tore out few papers from the lying notepad which had nt been used for months probably.
Then i went on and on penning down all that came to my mind.Surprisingly it was a TREE.


A Tree standing alone on the dry deserted road side with no leaves or the bright shade which used to be a travellers delight.There are no more travellers on the road.The road waits for someone to travel,to come along it and be a company both to the Tree and itself(the road).
The Tree even does not have within, that something, which could give many of those lone travellers the company,the feeling of support and a place to rest for the rest of life.The Tree has lost its green, hasj only the dry trunk standing straight as if aspiring to touch the sky !!
Sigh !!
Seems to be just a hope.A dry hope.
The purpose is lost.People have left since the Tree is left with nothing to give.Why are people so selfish? Was the Tree only there to be used ?
It was made to be used and thrown into darkness of the dry scorching Sun.The Tree has lost its purpose but still stands there with no visible aim seen for the future. "why am I here? Whats my aim? Served others but none serve me!! Was this my destiny" cries the Tree, but none to hear...
The Tree survived all this and then the season changed.Hopes high for the Tree to have a companion, another visitor, another traveller to give shade to ; ready to be there for others anytime.But hardly does it realise that it will again be used , used till it sucks, and raped hundred of times and then would be left alone on the same road side when it sheds in the autumn.But this time he does not have the strenght to gain the green.Does not have that great a shade now.New trees have come along, with fresh vigour, denser shade and a promising support system with all new appeal to the travellers.Now no one needs Me(The Tree).
People's choices, needs have changed and also their priorities.May be they just don't need a good shade, a good tree but something more.A more fruitful tree bearing better fruits,serving better in every way; its other features which are not possible for this Tree to furnish.
And Sigh !!! No one needs Me now : I have nothing to give.Then why exist ? Why not leave the world ? Why keep waiting for the end to come. Come, Come and cut my left part - the trunk and finally that would also be of some Use to you.
Waiting to be slaughtered.To feel the all new sharpened edge of the axe, the sweet echoing sound of it touching my torn out body, to feel the pain which would give the never ending happiness that i've Served.
Come soon before its too late and even the trunk dies.Please come soon since I wanna be Used for the last and final time. - The Tree

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KonUnDrumatEd said...

the tree is awesome!!