Silence Kills, Speak Up

Silence can be deceptive. Speak up, you may never get a chance to say what you wanted to.

Exams are over now. The mind is a bit tired with the body because of the stress n acute cold. But I need to wind myself up. When the exams were on, I had the feeling of writing a lot into my blog after they get over. But somewhere I really have no idea what to write. Its not dat I don’t have anything to write, but there are so many things to write that I m unable to decide which subject to start with.

Yes finally I have decide what to write.

My Taste has changed !!

I don’t know how but my taste has changed. I m not talking of my taste buds !
I m talking of my taste of music. I have started liking the classical music. Its just dat I have developed a feeling for that kind of music. The classical music which is generally considered as the third world and which rarely is of some interest to the new generation. I too had the similar thoughts may b days before. Never liked them. I never found any meaning in them. But off late this development has made me wonder how did this change come about in me. I have nt heard lot many of these classical music but I intend to listen to them. The music of the sitar, the violin, the tabla, the harmonium, the flute and all other types of instruments sound better than those of electronic instruments. And believe me they have such a soothing effect which really makes a person feel the music within the body. That’s why I think Tansen was considered to have brought down the rain n lit the lamps with his songs and different ragas. Its true that I have very less knowledge of these ragas n stuff n I can hardly understand dem but I sincerely want to learn dem. Learn what they really are. Even the sufi music n songs have appealed me more. They have a complete stuff in dem. The classical music (only the instrumentals) have the completeness and they r for any kind feeling, may it be love,happiness,sorrow,solitude, or any damn feeling within.
But tell me can we hear to Jagjit Singh when we are extremely happy ? can we hear to Micheal Jackson when we r down with emotions and unable to cope with our own self built emotions. Probably the answers to the above questions would be a big no. But seriously speaking (it may sound strange n weird and all crap) if one has understood the true pleasure of classical music then one can listen n enjoy them at all stages. Rather the kind of inner feeling and self realization makes every feeling balanced may it be any kind of emotion.
Well having said all dose things I would say that I still have the likeness but other music which I used to hear day in day out. Kishore da still remains the feb and Jagjit Singh still sounds better and better each time I hear him. Would like to add dat Jagjit Singh has that classical stuff in him, those instruments which r generally used in classical music. I still have the likeness for the cd collection(though nt a huge one). But there is this “but” which has drawn a a thin line between the two sorts of music.

Would love to experiment with the classical music n I hope I will enjoy them with all their goodies…..

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